Summer Lecture Series
Church School Options

Introduction to Church School
Church School begins each Sunday at 9:30 AM.

Adult Church School classes provide different learning opportunities for all ages of adults to strengthen their Christian pilgrimage. We offer a variety of classes, some age-oriented, some topic-oriented, with emphasis on Bible study, seminars and lively discussion. We encourage everyone to visit several different classes to find the right "fit" and to participate in any class offered that is of interest. Special seminars and classes are offered several times a year as well. There is a place for everyone to learn and grow in their relationship to God in Christ. Come join us!

Church School Brochure 2017-2018


Church School Class Options for Adults

Allen-Davis Class (Room 203)

This church school class is for middle-aged to senior men who are seeking an informal yet informative class experience. The class will continue their exploration of the Gospel of John beginning with the eleventh chapter and continuing through the Passion of Christ ending with chapter twenty-one. Jim has in depth knowledge about biblical archaeology.

Teacher: Jim Mahaffey


Art & Soul Class (Room 202)

This class of mixed ages and stages emphasizes Bible study through a variety of resources. On September 17, the class will have a summary conversation around the Islamic studies of this year’s summer school.  Then on September 24, the class will begin a study of Hebrews.  In October, Corbin Boekhaus will lead the class in a study of the Reformation (this is the 500th anniversary) and Jordan Clark will give a presentation on art related to the Reformation.  Early in January 2018, the class will begin a study based on the role of water in the stories of the scriptures.

Teachers: Rotating Teachers


Community: A Place to Connect (Room 201)

How do we, as Christians, live in the modern world?  How do we, as a church, respond to current events happening in our surrounding community?  Although there are many possible answers to these questions, this young adult community seeks to engage in conversation about being a Christian in the modern world.  We live in a society where news is at our fingertips, but we don’t always have a place to process events.  Join us on Sunday mornings to process current events as they relate to scripture and our call to live out our faith in our daily lives.

Teachers: Rotating Teachers


Friendship Class: (Room 205)

We will continue the study of the Gospel of Luke, beginning with Chapter 11.  Our first class will begin with the celebration of the Eucharist, followed by sharing our experiences of the summer and our thoughts.  The actual study of the text will begin on September 24th.  All are welcome.

Teacher: Mary Ann Hickman


Tired Parents Class: (Room 207)

While open to all, this community consists mainly of tired parents who long for an hour of adult conversation about how to live out their faith as a partner, parent, and progressive Baptist in a busy and changing world. This year we ponder many questions.  How do we interpret the Bible and live with integrity in the context of today’s challenges?  Who is Jesus?  What is interfaith dialogue?  How do we talk with each other about the hard issues?  How can we better understand ourselves for growth in relationships and faith?  How do we discover rest?

Teachers: Tim Getsay, David Bell, & Corbin Boekhaus