Summer Lecture Series

Summer Lecture Series | 9:30 am | June 4 - August 27, 2017 | Fellowship Hall

Study of Islam

  • Dr. Rob Nash - A Christian Theologian Looks at Islam

                            June 4 Part I      ~     June 11 Part II

  • Jordan Clark - An Art Historian Looks at the Art and Architecture of Islam

                                                  June 18

  • Imam Plemon El-Amin - A Personal Look at Islam

        July 9 Part I      ~       July 16 Part II       ~      July 23 Part III


Jesus and the Subersive Gospel

  • Dr. Steve Sheeley - Jesus and the Subversive Gospel

                         August 6 - Matthew 5 - Subverting Moses

                         August 13 - Matthew 6 - Subverting the Priests

                         August 20 - Matthew 7 - Subverting the Pharisees


A Physicist Presents...

  • Dr. Jim Mahaffey - With a Suprise Lecture

         June 25          ~            July 30          ~          August 27


Church School Options

Introduction to Church School
Church School begins each Sunday at 9:30 AM.

Adult Church School classes provide different learning opportunities for all ages of adults to strengthen their Christian pilgrimage. We offer a variety of classes, some age-oriented, some topic-oriented, with emphasis on Bible study, seminars and lively discussion. We encourage everyone to visit several different classes to find the right "fit" and to participate in any class offered that is of interest. Special seminars and classes are offered several times a year as well. There is a place for everyone to learn and grow in their relationship to God in Christ. Come join us!

Church School Brochure 2016-2017


Church School Class Options for Adults

Allen-Davis Class (Room 203)

This church school class is for middle-aged to senior men who are seeking an informal yet informative class experience. The class will continue their exploration of the Gospel of John beginning with the eleventh chapter and continuing through the Passion of Christ ending with chapter twenty-one. Jim has in depth knowledge about biblical archaeology.

Teacher: Jim Mahaffey


Art & Soul Class (Room 202)

This class of mixed ages and stages emphasizes Bible study through a variety of resources. In the Fall the class will study the lectionary texts through the Feasting on the Word curriculum. The Advent lesson will be a combined adult class series. The Spring semester will feature a mixture of lectionary study, Lenten focus, and intense examination of a book of the Bible. Pastor James will often bring material about the text that did not make it into his sermon.

Teacher: Pastor James Lamkin


At the Table Class (Balcony of the Narthex)

Don't want to get up before 9 AM? Join this class of young singles and couples in their 20s and 30s at the big table in the balcony of the Narthex after the worship service in an informal setting for snacks and coffee. We will gather around the table every Sunday to briefly examine the lectionary texts, deconstruct the sermon of the day, and fellowship together. We will then go to lunch together after class.

Teachers: Andrew Hardin & Brian Knight


Friendship Class (Room 205)

This class will begin with a brief study of the meaning of sin and morals as defined and exampled in the Hebrew and Christian Testaments. In October, each class member will share a favorite Bible book, verse, parable, or situation and tell why it is special. A major focus for the class will be the Book of Acts. The emphasis of our studies will be, "Where is the Bible in your life?" and "How does reading and studying it mess with your life?" This class hopes to experience God and witness the Christ, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Teacher: Mary Ann Hickman


Roger Williams Class (Room 201)

Named for a seventeenth century Baptist champion of religious liberty, this year the class will be looking at the Book of Romans, considered by many to be the ultimate guide to the Apostle Paul's theology. We will be using two books: Romans, The Letter That Changed Christian History (Mark Olson) and Reading Romans, A Literary and Theological Commentary (Luke Timothy Johnson). By delving into the language and social context of Paul's writings, this class hopes to gain a better understanding of his message.

Teacher: Mary Lester


Tired Parents Class (Room 207)

While open to all, this community consists mainly of tired parents who long for an hour of adult conversation about how to live out their faith as a partner, parent, and progressive Baptist in a busy and changing world. The curriculum varies throughout the year and includes Bible study, topical series, and a 'Wisdom Series' where empty nester parents will talk about things they wish they had known when they were young parents.

Teachers: Tim Getsay & David Bell