Youth Ministry Vision.  The youth ministry of NDBC draws on three different sphears - social activity, mission endeavors, and spiritual growth as it seeks to help students on their unique journey of faith.  Youth Calendar for 2017: click here
Church School Class Options for Youth

Youth: (Undercroft)
This close-knit group integrates a wide array of topics and disciplines into a class that nurtures spiritual maturity. The big picture goal: to ready students for a life of thoughtful and engaged Christian faith. The youth will also participate in the Acolyte program and lead in the worship service. 

Teacher(s): Jeffrey Dunkerley and Brian Knight

Youth Ministry Events

Youth meet once a month after church—either in the afternoon or the evening. Encore! serves as a time into which we place various events, including but not limited to after-church lunches, afternoon outdoor activities, evening movies, service projects, and trips to nearby spiritual sites (i.e. Monastery of the Holy Spirit, etc.). Any given month's Encore! event will be publicized via email, facebook, and the youth newsletter.

Youth Chat
Each second Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:30 PM, students are invited to gather at Caribou Coffee on Northside Parkway just up from the church. This is a time to drink coffee, tea, etc., and be faithful, attentive community to one another. The conversations are free-flowing and can range from happenings in student's lives to issues of faith, society, or mission.

Youth Lock-Ins
Periodically, the building at NDBC becomes home to the youth for a night. Our lock-ins are laid-back social and spiritual times where youth discuss teenage life issues, play games, eat, and watch movies.

March Mission Madness
The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia annually organizes a state-wide missions event for youth. NBDC has been and continues to participate each March with other CBF churches around the state in furthering the redemptive work of God in the world through hands on service projects. For more information, visit:

Touching Taliaferro with Love
In partnership with the wider community at Northside Drive, the youth participate annually in what we simply refer to as 'Talifer.' Check back here in the near future for more information on Touching Taliaferro with Love this coming summer!

Summer Mission
As part of the vision of the NDBC youth ministry, we strive to be a community that values not only fellowship and spiritual growth, but also hands on service that meets the physical needs of the hurting. Check back here for more information on the Summer Mission!

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia hosts this annual state-wide youth retreat at Woodland Christian Camp in Temple, GA. This event is an NDBC youth favorite! More information can be found at

Iona Spiritual Pilgrimage
Every four years, NDBC sends a group of youth and adults to the Isle of Iona in Scotland for 10 days. Each student at Northside Drive has one opportunity to travel as a youth on this trip during their high school years. The next pilgrimage to The Abbey at Iona will occur in 2018.

For any information on the Youth Ministry at NDBC, contact Jeffrey Dunkerley at 404-237-8621 x102 or